Small Christian Community

The SCC started in our parish in October 2001 by Fr Richard Coelho. Now SCC is active in all the 15 wards of our parish. Various ward committees are created to conduct meetings on behalf of the ward. This committee has one ward member. Every 2 months, the ward member, along with the Co-ordinator and the parish priest discuss about the developments carried out and improvements needed within every ward. Some wards have good attendance, while some have less. The parish priest and some nuns from both our convents participate in the meetings.

SCC has helped every family to develop their life, develop their personality, bring out the talents in oneself, to understand and help every neighbor, to forgive and love them, etc. Bible is the most important factor and an integral part of a SCC meeting. Every meeting covers a small part of the Gospel and this helps everyone understand the word of God precisely. As such, people have started taking more interest in the liturgy and hence participate actively in the mass. Our parish has had 3 SCC trainings and 2 varado get-togethers till now. The silver jubilee of SCC was celebrated on June 18 2012. Above 600 people of different faith participated in this celebration. This way inter-faith unity and equality has become strong.

Every individual needs to have a good rapport and relation with his neighbor. In our parish, SCC has been working for this. Now everyone has been able to build a strong relation not only within families, but also with their neighbors, their wards and parish. This way many competitions, ward feasts, cultural activities for children and elders, taking part in various fests within parish and within diocese has been possible.

St Francis Xavier
Mass Timings
Monday - Thursday - 6:45 am
Friday - 6:45 am and 5:30 pm
Saturday - 6:45 am and 4:30 pm
Sunday - 7:30 am and 10:00 am